Point me to a Mobo please

Im getting a little lost in all the information on choosing a motherboard. Looking for some advise or a couple choices of motherboards.

Here's what I have:
Corsair Carbide 500r
I7 2700k w/h100
Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600 Mhz
Intel 520 SSD
Hitachi 5400 rpm storage
MSI Twin Frozr GTX 680 4GB version
Seasonic X650 Gold PSU

Here's what I do:
Mild OCing and benching
Tons of browsing and heavy downloading and uploading
Video editing nothing too crazy but it gets taxing
Heavy gaming on latest games
I do all this from 1 to 3 monitors at a time. One monitor I use frequently use is 2560x1440.
I can almost hear my GPU sigh when I turn on the PC. So I need to upgrade my mobo so I can get another 680 in there. Also I may make the move to Ivy bridge soon if I can find a cheap one. But for now a mobo that handles everything i have and do plus another 680 would be awesome. Thanks in advance for the help folks.
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  1. Hey thanks. Major differences? Anything to make the Asus worth the bucks? I do like Asus. My last one lasted forever. Its still lasting.
  2. Another Asus comparable to the Asrock http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131837
    The first Asus comes with built in WIFI and other features like better voltage regulation.
  3. Thanks I like that one. I may just go with it today! Do you think if I stay with my sandy bridge I have now I will start bottlenecking having 2 680s? It just occurred to me because I know Ill only be running the PCI slots at 2.0 and not 3.0 until I get the IVY in there. Not a big deal if it does a little but Im curious.
  4. rolli59 said:

    Agree. Asus is top. Or is now since Abit died. Asus used to be #2 but are now #1. Asrock is a great budget board.
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