Need some advice to build a monster workstation


I need some advice on which parts to choose for a workstation build.
The purpose of the workstation is strictly for 3d modeling, rendering and animation inside of Maya, 3dsmax, Softimage and
Autodesk inventor. Money is not the main factor here but I do want to try and limit myself to around 3k-4k if possible.

As far as the video card goes. A firepro w8000 is my first choice. It seems to be the best bang for the buck.
Maybe 2 v7900's would be a better deal and would get more power than a single w8000??

Everything else is undecided. I have no clue what mobo, ram or cpu to choose as I have no expereince in building workstation rigs!
It is impereative that I invest my money in a machine that is capable of handling extremely part heavy models in maya, 3ds max and inventor. I would appreciate if someone could give me some tips on choosing the right mobo, cpu and ram.

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  1. if money is not a factor CPU should be easy! :D go for an intel i7. then find out what motherboard has the right socket for cpu. as far as RAM i would say 16 gigs but no mor than 32.
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