6 pin Male pcie to 4 pin female molex adapter?

Is is even made? Trying to connect usb 3.0 pci card
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  1. Thanks for the reply, but those are actually the connections,that are present in the comp. I need the frmale molex and male pcie. Again I appreciate ur help
  2. Are you trying to use a molex connector to power a gpu?
  3. Gigaware usb 3.0 pcie card. Requires a molex.connectio
    n. Only spare wire is the 6 pin
  4. Found this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mac-Pro-6-Pin-4-pin-Molex-Video-Card-Power-Cable-/270742219871

    (Haven't tried it yet though)

    Looking at trying to do the same thing. Highpoint makes a USB 3.0 card for Mac, but it requires a Molex power connection.


    And obviously the only available power connection in a Mac Pro is the 6pin on-board pcie.
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