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Hey everyone, this is my first time posting a question here, but it seems like I'll get some inciteful answers.
Anyways, for a while now I have been having trouble with several of my games. Namely: Battlefield Bad Company 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Skyrim, and Far Cry 2. My trouble consists of constant stuttering the longer I am playing the game. Once I get the game up and running it's fine, but once I get about 20 minutes into it (or even less) the game becomes annoying to play. Team Fortress 2 does not do this nor does Portal 2. I can see that it is clearly games that require better hardware to run the game, but my rig is this:

AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor
8 GB of RAM
Asetek Liquid Cooling Kit
800 Watt PSU
Asus GTX 570 Directcuii
Windows 7 64 Bit
Bios Version:Name:Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Version:Award Software International, Inc. F

Which should be fine for any game. I am not overclocking anything as of now. I was overclocking the video card a little bit just to see if it fixed it and still nothing. I am beginning to wonder if it has anything to do with my CPU temperatures. I have literally spent months on monkeying with the settings on these games, looking up what other people have done to no avail. I have lowered settings/etc.

I keep my PC very clean, I have a front fan, top fan, bottom fan, and the Asetek Liquid Cooling system on the back. I keep the radiator of that clean as well.

Today I got ballsy and went into my bios to see what the settings were for my CPU. I ended up trying to turn of SMART fan control to have the fan run the fastest no matter what. Still didn't help. I don't know if there are anymore settings in the BIOS i can do to make the CPU run more efficently, but that is what I am here asking.

I also noticed my GIGABYTE motherboard came with some ENERGY SAVER software which I never use.. I don't know if that could help in the performance or not. Anyways, any answers will be very helpful
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  1. Also, if you need anymore information I will do my best to inform you. Here is a screen shot of Speedfan while I was just surfing the internet. Seems a little high maybe?

  2. i doubt you have any hardware issue, and your rig is more than capable of playing those games..

    i would suspect it is some sort of software running in the background, when it stutters, "alt tab" back to windows and see wot process is using up cpu time in task manager..

    i would be willing to bet u have some bloatware anti virus, or some other misbehaving malware on your pc..
  3. Thanks for the response! I will definitely check for malware. I usually run malwarebytes once a month just in case, but I haven't in a while. I use MSE as my antivirus. I will also try alt tabbing out during a game and seeing if anything is running. Also, another question.. is it necessary to update your BIOS? And could that cause these types of problems?
  4. no i would not think a bios update would help in any way... good luck :-)
  5. BIOS updates are generally only necessary if you are having problems with some existing hardware or you plan on upgrading to newer hardware that needs newer BIOS to support it. Older or newer BIOS should have nothing to do with your current problem.

    I see no obvious holes in your system. Have you updated to the latest drivers?

    Have you monitored temps while playing games? It really does sould like a thermal issue to me.
  6. Yeah, I just updated my drivers yesterday actually. Temps while playing games get pretty high. I know that my processors max temp is about 62 C and it gets above that most of the time. I do have extra thermal paste, my only problem is.. Getting the liquid cooling system off my processor. I am not exactly sure how to remove it. I've heard you can spill the liquid out by removing it. It has four silver 'screw' type poles on each side of the cooler. They do not look like conventinal screws. This is what it looks like. Except instead of the black tabs.. there are silver 'screws'

    If i just take the part off the top of my processor.. that shouldn't spill right?>?
  7. That is a good question. I have never used a water cooling kit. It's one of those self contained coolers right? You don't have a seperate resovoir and pump? If it's self contained it should not be capable of leaking.

    If it's a real water loop something is wrong for sure. It should be cooling much better than air. The cheaper closed loop coolers generally cool worse than good air cooling.
  8. After reading your question again, yes you should be safe removing those screws. What I don't know is if the cooler has a backplate on the motherboard. Do you have access to the back of the board with it in your case? Some cases have cutouts to allow access. If it has a backplate you are going to need to access it when you reinstall. You may have to remove the motherboard to reinstall the cooler.

    What exact model is the cooler?
  9. I couldn't tell you the exact model. It was just a cheap model that comes with pre built computers. I do remove the radiator part to clean it, and it's not really connected to anything except, the motherboard and then the power supply. So it should be easily disconnected. And yes, I am pretty sure it's self contained. I have wanted to try to take it off to reapply thermal paste, i just haven't had the balls to do it haha. Don't wanna ruin anything. And what do you mean by backplate? Like on the otherside of my motherboard?
  10. Yeah a backplate that the screws go in on the backside of the motherboard. Still not sure if it has one.

    Since it is not cooling the way you need it to you really have no choice but to at least reapply paste. If that does not work get a $30 Hyper 212+ to replace it. You should not be at 36C at idle much less 46C....even if you are overclocked to 4Ghz.
  11. Wait. Before you go removing anything lets check your temps at load. Run Prime 95 for about 30 minutes while monitoring your temps and let's see how high they go.
  12. Alrighty.. I won't beable to until much later I am at work. I will for sure do that and post it here either late tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the help so far!
  13. No problem. We can figure this sucker out!
  14. dmwoods1s said:
    Temps while playing games get pretty high. I know that my processors max temp is about 62 C and it gets above that most of the time. I do have extra thermal paste,


    it does not take much, most guides suggest a dot about the size of a grain of rice. enough to cover the chip in a thin layer.
  15. Alrighty.. So I ran the Prime95 test and did the 'Blend Test' for 30 minutes. Surprisingly it did not get as hot as i thought it would, but it is still have the max temp for the processor. and Looniam - I just meant extra as in I have some extra that came with my computer. In case I needed to reapply it.

    5 Minutes

    15 minutes

    30 minutes

  16. Should I try a different test? I know when I run games, those temps get much higher.
  17. Ok you are way too hot. Anything over 65 can damage the processor.

    Try reinstalling that cooler with new thermal paste. Worst case you have to get a new cooler.

    Are you overclocked at all? I am not as familiar with AMD as I am with Intel but those voltages look way high for stock clocks. Like you should be at 1.25v stock. I..4v is about as high as you want to go and if you are at 1.47 that is dangerous levels.
  18. See if HWMonitor gives you the same readings.
  19. should I check my bios and if the voltages are set the high . should i set them down? could that help?
  20. Here is HWmonitor after about 5 minutes

  21. You still have not answered if you are overclocking or not. Either way you are too hot and have too much voltage going to the CPU.

    A quick fix would be to go in BIOS and Load Failsafe Defaults. Or something similar to that. Try that then check your voltage / temps again.
  22. My mistake. You said you were not overclocking in your first post. Voltages are so high I just assumed you were.
  23. No I am not overclocking anything
  24. K.. I just did the Fail Safe defaults and ran Prime95. Voltage and Temps are still getting the same.
  25. 1.47V is abnormally high voltage for the Phenom II 965, stock should be below 1.4V, probably close to 1.3V. I have my 965 overclocked to 3.8Ghz running with 1.4V right now, and it doesn't exceed 52C on an air cooler. Higher voltage will equate to higher power consumption and increased temperatures, I would go into your BIOS and lower the voltage. If your problems are temperature related, that should solve them.
  26. What would be an acceptable voltage to set it to?
  27. That is crazy. The Phenom II X4 965 has a max vcore of 1.425 with the 140w C2 version and 1.40v with the 125w C3 version.

    The motherboard should not be exceeding the max voltage of the CPU. That is probably the only reason it's running that hot. I have no idea why it would be doing that to run stock.

    Ok I have found some evidence of the 1.47v at stock being ok for that chip. Go with the new thermal paste and see what that does for your temps. From waht I can see people are going up to 1.55v with good cooling while overclocking.
  28. I think the default is suppose to be 1.4V, at least AMD lists .875V-1.4V as the voltage range for the processor. Either way I would just set it to 1.4V and let Prime95 run to see how the temperature is.
  29. If you google Phenom II 965 running at 1.47v there are quite a few hits. Most concern Gigabyte boards too.
  30. So should I try turning down the voltages and seeing how that effects the temps before going the new thermal paste route?
  31. Might as well. It could save you some work.
  32. Okay.. so I went into the BIOS and turned the CPU voltage down to 1.35v. And this is what I get after running Prime95 for around 5 minutes. Seems better , but still not good? Also, is there any lower I could put the voltage.. or would that cause for me to lower the clock speed to? So.. keep it like this orr should i try the thermal paste still? Also, it was showing in my BIOS that the normal voltage was at 1.40v

  33. Well I guess since it is going over 62C still.. I am still getting too hot. So I guess go the more thermal or new cooler? Thanks for all the help btw!
  34. Also.. is it ideal for my voltage to be at 1.4v or what?
  35. Best answer
    Yeah even with the reduced voltage you are too hot. I believe that 65C is the "risk damage" point for Phenom IIs. Try reapplying paste and if that does not work something like a Hyper 212+ or the Hyper 212 Evo are good low cost options. I think your closed loop cooler might have pooped out.
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