Asrock B75 Pro-3 M first start up help??

I'm new to this and have just put together am Asrock B75 Pro3m. Intel G850, 8 Gb Ram. I've just tried to do the first start up and i get a screen saying ASrock with options for uefi setup, instant flash, boot menu, or tab to switch screen. Problem is i cant do anything,it starts up and gives me 5 beeps and the keyboard and mouse wont work??? Any ideas please.
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  1. Check your motherboard manual for the beep codes to determine what 5 beeps mean.
  2. Hi,
    And did you find a solution?
  3. Here's what I found for beep codes for that board:

    Beep Code Descriptions
    1 short Memory refresh timer error.
    2 short Parity error.
    3 short Main memory read / write test error.
    4 short System timer failure.
    5 short Process error.
    6 short Keyboard controller BAT test error.
    7 short General exception error.
    8 short Display memory error.
    9 short ROM BIOS checksum error.
    10 short CMOS shutdown Read/Write error.
    11 short Cache Memory bad.

    I also found this:

    Condition Beeps Code Debug Code
    Normal 1 short beep after POST With goodnight LED enabled, debug code will disappear after the beep.
    Bad CPU No beep No debug code
    Bad memory No beep 45
    Without memory 3 long beeps 53
    Without CPU No beep(No Power) No debug code
    Without VGA card 5 long beeps Beeps at”d6”, then show "0d"

    Nothing like vague discriptions of beep codes, huh? If your 5 beeps are short, it means process error whatever the heck that is. If they are long beeps with no gfx card installed in means... ?

    Thanks for that AsRock. :pt1cable:
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