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GTX it overkill and is it worth it???

Welcome to my dumbest thread that I have eva' created!!!

I just wanted to know if my plan is awesome or just plain stupid. My plan is to buy one GTX 580, wait for 5 years, then buy another GTX 580 in the future. Would this be reasonable or just completely stupid? Can I be able to combine my GTX 580 with another GTX card (in the future.)

OR should I just do SLI 560 Ti's so it can amount to $450?

Please help : /
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  1. The 580 will be outdated over 5 years by processor, vram version, dx version and a lot more, so stupid to buy another one over 5 year then. Better now buy 560 ti sli or 6950 cfx or just wait till begin 2012 and go for the new series. ( sli or cfx ) You won't be able to sli with other future gtx card i think..
  2. it kind of depends on what you are doing with your PC, but 5 years down the road to sli a 580... in 5 years we may be looking at single cards as powerful as 2 580's. The xfire 6950 can handle anything you throw at it, and is a better price point.
  3. and the best choice would be to wait until 2012, HD 7950 is gonna be 2 GB XDR2 "the rambus technology that is said to be twice faster than GDDR5, with 1 GHz GPU frequency and 28 nm architecture, generally this seies is supposed to be over the HD 6990.
    so if you buy now a GTX 580 you'll be happy and max out any game, but if you wait you'll get a more future proof card
  4. I see then. Thanks for you quick responses! I just posted this just right now : D

    So should I go with the 560 Ti's or Crossfire 6970's or Crossfire 6950's??

    OR just wait for the end to world in 2012 to see what is in store because I actually do plan on buying my components in December and January.
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    IF you CF 6950 / 6970 both will beat GTX 580, AMD 6K series scales better in CF than GTX 5K series in SLI
  6. 6950 2G.
  7. Geeksire said:
    ...Can I be able to combine my GTX 580 with another GTX card (in the future.)...

    Anonymous said:
    ...You won't be able to sli with other future gtx card i think..

    Well, in 5 years time you definitely wouldn't be able to (or if you could somehow you definitely wouldn't want to). The only way I can see it being possible is if it's like the 8800GT/9800GT (which it wouldn't be since we're talking about a 5 yr gap), which are basically the same card (and then for instance flashing the 9800GT w/ an 8800GT BIOS). But yeah, if you don't plan on buying til Dec/Jan, I wouldn't even worry about it until we know more about the GTX 600 and HD 7000 series cards.
  8. with the Extreme Evolution in the Gaming world, we can't predict any GPU to last for 5 Years, maybe it will be still good for any game as a normal visual but the question is "will be GTX 580 or Even 590 max out any game after 2 years without a lag of performance ? no one ever can predict what's gonna be in the gaming Industry.
  9. All right thanks. I think I will then wait for what the other cards have to offer in December and January. THANKS ALL!!!
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