Extra 60GB SSD, what should I do?

Hi Everyone,
Earlier this year I built a new system for myself with an OCZ Vertex II 60GB as the boot drive. I've quickly filled that up with the OS and various Adobe programs. I have been close to maxing it out for a while now (even though I have nearly all other programs installed on another drive) and when I went to update my wife's iPhone, it failed because there wasn't enough room on the drive... So I think it's time for a bigger drive. I'd love a 240GB just for peace of mind, the 120GB is much more affordable (Newegg has the Vertex III available for around $150 today only). Will the 120GB be large enough or will I find myself struggling again in the future? Also, if I do upgrade, what are some good uses for my existing 60GB drive?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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  1. If you have a Z68 Motherboard use it to accelerate a storage drive thats what I did with my old super talent 64gb. Otherwise just keep it in there, throw some of your more commonly used programs on it and enjoy the extra speed.
  2. 1) 60gb does seem to be small. Look at the sizes of your other app folders to see how much added room you need. Add in a safety/expansion factor and buy accordingly.
    Intel, and perhaps others do have 160gb sizes which might work for you.

    2) A 60gb drive would absolutely transform a laptop; I have done that, and the results were wonderful.

    3) Or, why not get a 120gb drive, put your os and apps on that, and load other apps on the old 60gb drive.
  3. No laptop, so I can't go that route. I do really like the idea you both suggested of just running BOTH drives and installing apps on both of them. I don't know how I didn't think of that! That's what great about forums like these, thanks for the idea. I think I'll go with that.
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