Which motherboard should I get for my AMD Phenom IIx4 975

I'm thinking about upgrading my rig a bit and saw the AMD Phenom IIx4 975 and just loved it...the problem is, I would need to upgrade my motherboard for it, which is perfectly fine because I had plans on doing so anyway.
My question is, which motherboard would be the best to unlock this beasts' true potential and really make it rumble.
I know performance comes at a price but I do have to set a limit for it so I would say about $120-$180 is my range.
Thank you and hope to get responses soon.
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  1. take a look at the ASUS M5A99X EVO, great board lots of features and will support Dual GPUs @x8. Also will be future upgradable for AMD Piledriver, if you needed or wanted to upgrade later. And is $150.00.

  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131736

    Asus Sabertooth using the 990FX chipset which is the top chipset right now. You can get dual PCI-E video cards at 16x with it. THey have an open box model for $150 now.
  3. If your keeping costs down and not going dual-gpu



    if going dual-gpu

  4. 6 Replies and no mention of an Intel product?

    Wow - toms is slacking today.

    Remind me again why you want a Phenom II 975? they're slower than a Core i3 2100 :(

    If you intend to overclock to 4.2Ghz you might squeeze the performance you need out of it to best its Intel based Rival with the added benefit of 4 true cores, but the i3 has the added benefit of Ivy Bridge upgrade path.

    I know I've already started a flame war here but I never intended to.

    Here are the benchmarks that backup my claim (done on a 100Mhz slower PII 970)

  5. No Intel as he is a current AMD user who is happy to stick with them and keep costs down.
  6. das_stig said:
    No Intel as he is a current AMD user who is happy to stick with them and keep costs down.

    Keeping costs down is no longer a valid reason to go for AMD

    Quote from http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/gaming-fx-pentium-apu-benchmark,review-32368-10.html

    we're almost-shockingly left without an AMD CPU to recommend at any price point.

    And if he has to upgrade his CPU and Mobo, he should be going for the highest performance for any said price point. At this moment in time all those price points are occupied by an Intel CPU as their top performer.
  7. Well i guess the question has to go to the original poster,

    AMD or Intel ?
  8. I think its pretty self explanatory, the OP specifically asked for a motherboard for a AMD Phenom II x4 975......... I didn't see anything about intel in the original post. And for the record the i3 is a very good gaming chip but that doesn't mean that it beats the 975, that's a little ridiculous. I always find it amusing that somehow a benchmark shows one processor with a whopping 8-12FPS advantage and all the sudden the processor below must be complete crap lol.
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