What is pci & what powers the mobo & stand off Q's

hi this is the first computer im building and i have two questions
1st:which is PCi and which powers the mobo
this is the Mobo

and i dont know which is this
is this the pci plug

or is this it

2nd question is that

my case came with 2 standoffs are they necesary to use or should i get more standoffs
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  1. Hi
    The 10mv3at - it's the ATX 8-pin power connector (12V). It needs a 8-pin or a 4+4 pin connector.
    The 25gudcz is a PCIe connector 6+2 pin - for graphics cards that need the extra power.
    The ztxj44 is what you need for ATX (4+4 pin).
    Every screw hole of the board should have a corresponding standoff (an extra standoff would short the board). 2 standoffs are not enough.
  2. so its the second picture plug i should use to power motherboard ??


    the mobo is supposed to rest on the standoffs right ?
    like the standof shouldnt go throught it

    so overall the board shouldnt be touchiing the case at all right

    thanks plz answer all questions
  3. Best answer this is the connector that should go in the board's one.

    But since you are here, I would firstly test the board outside the case, with a minimum configuration, just to make sure it does work.
    Put it on the board's box or a similar non conducting surface, install the CPU, CPU fan, one RAM stick, graphics card, keyboard and mouse and see if it does boot.
    The mobo is supposed to rest on standoffs for avoiding a short with the case.
  4. ok thanks
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