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Im upgrading a rig that I have... and Im a little confused on what video card to throw in there. There isnt a whole lot of power supply in there so im not sure if I would have to replace it or not and the motherboard/cpu is old. I cant replace that for a while and was wondering if this would be a good card to play like WoW on and the call of duty series Ive seen this card benchmark about 25 fps on crysis so yeah here is the link to the card

Also ddr2 ram because I believe it only came with 2 and 4 is about what you should have nowadays for games so id be getting x2 of this ram

here is a link of the pc I am upgrading.

If there is any tips that can help plz im all ears.
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  1. your psu is 305watts, you have 4 memory slots but i do not know its default configuration. if you have 1GB in there now in a single stick then just buy 1 more 1gig stick, if its 2 512 sticks then buy 2 1gig sticks to get 2. or buy 3 or 4 to get 4gb (its max). im going to assume you are trying to stay very cheap here but the card you selected is a very old and low end card. the psu you have should handle it however. you can get a 240 witch is much higher performance for about 79 or for 10 less a 9800gt wich is also 3 or 4 times the card of the 9500 or a radeon these cards use right around 200W, they are the highest card you could squeak by with considering your current psu. they are also right around the cost of a 9500.
  2. You might also want to upgrade your processor too
  3. at a certain point you stop thinking of upgrading and move to a new system build. all depends on how much cash you have :/
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