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not sure if this is the right/best area to post this, but anyway, I need a good kvm switch. There are extremely cheap kvm's and there are extremely expensive kvm's. i haven't used one before, but it would seem to me i'd at least want one with DVI connectors as opposed to VGA connectors....that seems to jack the price right there, but i just want a good one, if i have to spend a couple hundred (which seems ridiculous) I will. any info is appreciated.
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  1. How may servers do you need to connect?
    Do you need local connection or KVM over IP?
  2. thanks for the response, but i've decided to just setup multiple monitors and mice was just a little setup for myself, nothing major. the main thing i was concerned with was losing monitor power, such as capped refresh rate etc. because of the kvm.
  3. We use KVM over CAT5 with VGA connections at work for docking our laptops outside the lab and remoting into a dummy terminal inside the lab. I wouldn't recomend it. Video quality is poor and while the switches we have allow for some adjustment in quality it basically goes from over-sharp to blurry and ghosting. I'll have to look into the exact model we have, but they cost around $150-200/unit as I recall.
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