How to get the fax working on a Dell A940?

Hey guys, I have set my folks up with an older dell PC, They have a dell all-in one A940 Printer/Scanner/Fax

Now my father has been on me to get the fax machine hooked up, Im really not a complete novice but im no expert either. Im really not sure how to get it to work. I would think it should just work through the DSL Modem which iv got hooked up to the PC??

Right now all I have is a regular Ethernet PCI card installed with the wire running from the DSL Modem. Back when i set them up i took out the PCI card that had the phone jacks, But if I reinstalled that PCI card with the two Phone line connections and simply plug the phone line into that card (Internal modem), while keeping the Ethernet card installed and plugged in to the DSL modem?, Then it should work right?

If anyone has any ideas how to get this fax machine part of the all in one printer not only would i appreciate it, It would Help me dad out considerably.

Thanks for any and all info!
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  1. the fax will need a regular phoneline it will NOT work through the DSL Modem.

    most of the time there is a Z-filter (splitter) between the wall outlet and the modem. one outlet for the DSL Modem to connect to, the other to connect a phone or fax.
  2. Hey Guys, Yes i did not think i could simply use the dsl line, thank you much for the owners manual...

    So berfore i go and read the manual, should install a 56K V.92 PCI Internal Faxmodem, which i will then plug the phone line into.... then it should work?

    Can anyone suggest what software is best to use?

    Thank again!!!
  3. Thats just it, there is no phone line on the all in one printer/scanner/copier/fax..its the dell A940, i will read more about it but in the mean time maybe someone knows how i can get this working for my dad? Im figuring i have to reinstall the fax modem i took out, then plug the phone line into that???
  4. Why they call it an All-in-One I have no idea since it does not come with a modem build in. It will make use of a computer modem (internal or external) meaning you will have to buy a modem if you do not already own one.

    Fax mode capabilities

    When you scan to fax, your document will scan in at 100 dpi (dots per inch). You can fax both color and black and white documents. You can also fax multiple pages. For help, refer to the Owner's Manual.

    In order for the FAX button to function properly:

    Your computer must be connected to a data/fax modem.
    The data fax modem must be connected to an active analog phone line.
    The printer must be connected to the computer with a USB cable.

    NOTE: You cannot fax with a DSL (digital subscriber line) or cable modem.
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