PC Random Crash! Need HELP!

Hello folks :D

I am desperate, absolutely jaded, utterly disgusted!

I am suffering random crashes on my PC since almost 3 months, here's my specs:

Case: XClio advanced cool
Mobo: ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3
CPU: Intel i5 2,9 Ghz (with thermal paste)
8 Gb Corsair 1333 Mhz (4x2)
GPU: AMD HD 6900 Series
HD 500 Gb

Actually, when I built it everything went perfect, and someday I had the silly idea to update the mobo's BIOS and that went bad, afterwhile my computer was crashing at boot and took it to someone who knew how to deal with it and make it usable again.

The thing is, since that day, my pc is crashing, freezing, and even some games (Batman AC) are not working as well as they used too (not my imagination).

I've tried EVERYTHING that I found on forums, but it seems like I'm doomed, nothing seems to work :/

Maybe my mobo has something wrong going on since that day?

Anyways, I really need your help down here, I spent a lot of money on it and have so may games to start :)

Waiting for your salvation :D

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  1. Hi, Not sure if the crashes are related to the BIOS, but to rule that out you can order a new chip and replace the board's one (it is on socket)
  2. Can you please explain to me what the chip has to do with this? I'm not really good at this :D
  3. You said that the issues started after updating the BIOS, right?
  4. Yes, more precisely, I messed up with the first one and my computer "died". After taking it to a friend it was all good but crashed and freezes started! Maybe that "friend" did something? enlighten me :D
  5. I don't know. Ask him what he did and then post back.

    There are cases where newer BIOS versions have bugs and even if they are meant to fix some compatibility issues, they would create other problems (that's why it is not adviseable to update the BIOS if the system works without issues).
    Not sure with ASRock but I think that you can't downgrade the BIOS to the original version by flashing it and that's why I suggested replacing the BIOS chip with one programmed with the board's original version.

    Now, the crashes are usually related to the graphics card. Are you overclocking it? Have you tried other driver versions? Can you test with a different graphics card?
  6. You're right, shouldn't have messed with it, but now what is done is done :)

    So you say that the mobo's chipset is done for good? bad news...

    Actually no, I am not overclocking anything, I've tried to enhance my DRAM frequency (from 1333 to 1600) to see if it can solve the problem, but guess what...NO! loaded UEFI defaults afterwards!

    I've tried many drivers, always the same problem. Testing with another graphic card is a possibility but crashes and freezes occur randomly, can be twice a week or 4 to 5 times in only a quarter of an hour!

    And I have crashes AND freezes, some diversification...oh my -_- but are they related to the mobo or the graphic card? thanks for your answers so far, don't let me down :)
  7. Another thing, it happens mostly when I play games!
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    Hard to say. And you can't know without swapping parts.
    Borrow a graphics card and test.
    Buy a BIOS chip and replace the board's one (it's cheap and it's easy to replace it)
    To rule out a memory problem you can also leave only one RAM stick installed and test (by playing games).
    And not forgetting the temperatures. Try installing HWMonitor and check the temperatures under load.
  9. OK then, will try those out and post the results!
  10. Little question if I may: How could the mobo's chip be responsible for the crashes?
  11. make sure bios version 2.3. make sure xmp profile is turned on for the memory.
  12. 2.3 it is. What is xmp profile? where do I find this? what does it do?
  13. it be under the dram timing. it intel speck for ram timing. with ram you have it speed...and the refresh timing...if the refresh timing is off under stress a pc can lock up.
  14. No XMP in BIOS there a way to do it manually?
  15. I would suggest it is thermal - make sure you have plenty of space around your machine for air flow. If it is doing this mainly when you play games. Maybe get some compressed air and blow dust out the machine. As for other options, update video card drivers and run the following command below.

    Open a CMD or (C:\ prompt), type the following [chkdsk /f c:] (don't add the brackets []) Now when it asks for Y/N, say Y and reboot the host and don't touch the keyboard till the Windows Screen shows up ready for you to login. If it still happens.. it is either thermal or bad hardware like memory, motherboard. You can reseat the memory (pull it out and put it back in) after you blow out dust. Press on cable connectors and make sure they are securely connected and not loose. If still an issue, try a warranty replacement of memory with a note of "CRC Errors and bad segments" - since there isn't a definitive way to check memory for a home user outside of running a tool that may or may not find an error this note should allow them to swap it out and replace them with like working kind.

    As for BIOS, enter the BIOS and look for an option to load Default or Optimized BIOS settings - this would reset any broken settings - the DRAM timing is set dynamically and should only be played with if you are trying to over-clock or have some special need. Once Windows loads - it typically unloads the BIOS ROM and replaces it with its own micro-code as part of the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) - unless there is a special flag for timing or other options that SPA or SPO can't duplicate in the OS.

    page 42-43 make sure there set to auto.
  17. Everything in the BIOS in set on defaults (except on something called auto-protection or something like this).

    I am currently performing a memtest (10h so far) and it currently shows 1 error! Could that be a clue for the random crashes?
  18. chlagadouga said:
    Everything in the BIOS in set on defaults (except on something called auto-protection or something like this).

    I am currently performing a memtest (10h so far) and it currently shows 1 error! Could that be a clue for the random crashes?

    Yep! Windows is very particular about memory hardware errors and will hang due to them. If you have two (2) sticks of RAM installed - you can remove one at a time (depends on the motherboard options, so look at the manual for RAM Installation Options) and test. Reseat the one you leave in its memory slot - if possible, blow out any dust in the slot with compressed air. You can rerun the test.. see if it fails. If it doesn't, place the other in its place. This should narrow down the stick that is bad to replace or RMA.

    Just a note, If you live in a humid part of the world, taking a pencil eraser and gently rub the metal contacts so they are bright and shiny can help also (removes oxidation). Also, make sure you touch case of your computer often when handling RAM to avoid damaging them (helps drains the static electricity off you, so not to discharge into the RAM stick)

    If it were me, I would check the RAM warranty for the RAM (some have limited lifetime most are at least a year) and look at those options - see if they will replace both sticks and be done. Bad RAM is rare in newer memory, but happens.

  19. Ok got it! But I live in Tunisia and RMA as well as warranty aren't really...let's say "applied" :) And I'm getting tired of those problems, I'd like to get rid of the problem and sell it as soon as possible!

    For the RAM, how could I know if there's a problem with the slots? memtest lasts soooo long!
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  21. Sorry for this, but it is not solved already :s but I have an interesting clue, if you could help me with it! When I launch Far Cry 3 in DirectX9, It freezes at the same moment, ALWAYS! But in DirectX11, well...nothing happens! what could it be?
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