Low cost build for 3D animation 2012

could you help me with choice of components for my comp. Budget is quite low - near €500-600(may be a little more)
I plan to use mostly 3ds max 2011, Photoshop CS5 & After effects CS5. This computer is needed to make a film(short 3d animation) in the near future.
Due to low budget I think better choice is to stick with AMD cores.
I can't deside wich graphic card to buy because there is possibility of upgrade in a year and I have an old rusty radeon which I can use, so there is a thought to buy better cpu and video card later. But on the other side film has to be done before upgrade.

THX for help.
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  1. Try Nvdia GPU GTX or If U have Buget Then go for Quadros Since Quadros are Speacilized For 3D Professionals or U can go with GTX version i mean the Geforce ones coz they Got Cuda Core Which Seems Beneficial for Our use [3D Creation Contents].
  2. thank you
  3. Its Ok :D
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