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I currently run a pretty simple 2 monitor setup on my 5770, both are 19inch, DVI, running at 1280x1024, I have just been given an old HD-Ready TV which takes a VGA input, which I want to connect, but I don't want to sacrifice the existing dual monitor setup for this.

After doing some research, I've found that the 5770 does support 3 monitors, but requires an expensive 'active' adapter (displayport to HDMI/DVI), I've heard that you can use an inexpensive 'passive' adapter, but only if you are converting the displayport to VGA (which would suit me just fine).

Can anyone confirm that you can use 3 monitors on a 5770, with a passive Displayport - VGA adapter, just as long as one of the monitors uses a vga connection and doesn't run at too higher resolution? (I will be using it for 720p).

If this doesn't work then I think I'd buy a second graphics card rather than the expensive active adapter.


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  1. i have never tried a passive adapter on my cards. i have the 6 monitor eyefinity cards on my system. if you do end up getting a second card you can use any card you want with xp or 7. you can put a geforce 2 in there if you wanted. something cheap to get ya by
  2. After just looking at the prices of the VGA adapters I think I've decided against it. I have a Crossfire Motherboard, 780G or something, I want to be able to play video (sometimes 720p) on the TV screen whilst using the computer for other things, possibly playing games at the same time.

    I was assuming that in order to do this I would have to get a card that was no older than a couple of years, with no less than 128mb, and I was looking at ATI 5450 or similar (They have HDMI incase I switch the TV to a newer model)

    But if I put a second ATI card In, Will it auto-crossfire my 5770 down to the speed of the slower card? can I turn crossfire off if it tries to do this?
  3. no, it will not auto anything. you can use an nvidia card or a ati card, it does not matter as long as you are not running vista. take off one of your screens and move it to another low end cheap card and use the TV on this main card. i use a 46" samsung on my 5870 at 1080 and have absolutely no issue. if you were to run such a tv on a lower end pci card or a X1300 pcie it would not run well. i would recommend doing what you can to get the large main screen on your main card and moving your other screen to a secondary pci or low end pcie card for a cheap solution. on a side note, if you have an onboard video card then you may be able to turn that on and use your integrated card along side your pci-e.
  4. I am running Windows 7 - So it shouldn't be a problem?

    The TV will not be the primary monitor in most cases as I will only really use it for Watching iplayer, Films etc, whilst the computer is used for games, net, work, etc.

    I could just swap cables when I want to use the TV screen, but I want to avoid the hassle of unplugging and switching cables, the TV also has a really nasty habit of setting the native resolution incorrectly, so every time the screen is plugged in, it requires you to manually set the resolution.

    Unfortunately my motherboard does not have onboard graphics so i'll be buying one anyway.

    Am I right in thinking I will get better performance if I am using one video card for Gaming and one for playing video simultaneously, rather than having a single card do all the work?

    Or does the second card act as just a basic display adapter without really being fully utilised?
  5. it will be fully utilized, the second card for the TV does not need to be very powerfull if all you want to do is run movies or music; i.e. non 3d rendering. hell you could throw in a 64 meg geforce 4 and im sure that would run what you want. considering you can only use VGA.
  6. I'll be on the lookout for a cheap second card then!

    Thanks for your help!
  7. i have a 5770 and it runs 3 monitors fine without any adaptors or extra cards.
    since most of them come with two dvi, an hdmi and a displayport i dont see the need for using the dispayport. just use one of the dvi to vga adapters that come with it. or buy one for 3 dollars online.
  8. hmmm, last i checked when you used the hdmi one of the dvi's were disabled. thats how the cards shipped upon release anyway. maybe they changed the bios or something.
  9. I was also under that impression, but have not checked, I have an unflashed and older version of the card I believe.
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