How to repair laptop motherboard

i have a laptop, it will on but it will not display on the screen and check the ram it is ok, but when i lose the board from the system i try another processor it work, i decided to fixed it back with the processor i get it could not work but if i life the system board up from the carcass, it it will work and display on the screen and i fixed it back it will not work (please what is the problem)Sir help me
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  1. something is shorting out if it works away from the case but not in it. or a lead is being pressured into a poor position.
  2. when you lift the board out of the chassis, have a look at the board mounts (were the board connects to the chassis) and see if there is any obstruction, like a left over screw or something.
  3. Hi guyz,

    just a suggestion, when you take apart just put the cables one by one and wait till which cable has a short or grounds until you will reach with the main cover..hope it works for you...thankssss
  4. 1 cable 1 try..until problem will come....long but sure method in solving any computers
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