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Hi There Guys!

i have an hp pavilion 2500 notebook,shutdown automatically when it gets hot, if changing the from power saver mode...
need some advice on how to prevent the automatically shutdown if change in Balance power and Hi-performance mode.

thank you in advance
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  1. The reason why it shuts down is to prevent worse. All laptops now act in this way when the system's temperature goes up. The best thing you can do is to clean your fan and heatsinks. You may need to take it to a specialised person though or simply go to an HP branch. If you are living in the U.K it shouldn't take you more then 30-40 pounds. What I would also recommend is to give your hard drive a format. This will remove any useless programs or files that make your CPU overheat, resulting in you laptop's shut down.

  2. Blast the air vents with a tin of compressed air to clear out fluff, crap etc.

    Take the back off, find the heatsink and remove it, normally a couple of cables and big screws to hold it over cpu and remove/replace thermal paste, not a hard or technical thing to do.
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