What is the best graphics card for wow

I am a complete noob with computers and dont really know much about them. However i do know that i want to run wow with everything on ultra and still be able to keep 40-60 fps. My internet connection is fine, im not really worried about that, but i was wondering what would make WoW be able to run on EVERTHING ultra.

Not sure my computer info you need so please tell me what you need me to find out about my computer Thank You.
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  1. We're going to need a lot more information. What is your budget? What is your Screen Resolution. Your computer specs, CPU, RAM, operating system, power supply.

    WoW isn't the most demanding game and getting 40 to 60 FPS on ultra won't be too difficult, but it will vary depending on your resolution. At 1280x1024, some cards below $100 will be able to do it. If your resolution is higher, like 1920x1080, something closer to the $150 price bracket may be required. Your power supply may restrict you on what cards you can get. Higher end cards are very power hungry, and won't run on the low end power supply that you find in most prebuilt systems.
  2. I had to RMA my GTX570, so currently, I am playing on my very old 9800 GT. I play at 1080p and I consistently get over 50 fps in the most busiest areas.

    Honestly, I think WoW is more CPU demanding than GPU, so that will factor ALOT into your fps. The only thing is that upgrading your CPU usually requires that you also upgrade your motherboard and even possibly your RAM. All this can add up to more than a high end GPU, so its your choice
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