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I am trying to upgrade a home build that has tanked. I have little money to spend to upgrade, a G860 is the max right now, I can get it for $83 now, will that meet my needs as described ?.(next will be an IB cpu when possible.). I can afford up to $115 for the MB ( I have other components plus OS, PSU is 550W). My question is, which MB is good for me at that price pt. ? I do not require more than 4-6 SATA ports nor more than 6-8 USB. Firewire, etc. are useless to me. I have G.Skill 8gb 10666 mem. + MS 64 bit OS. I was looking at ASRock or Biostar Z68 MBs at the previous price pt. I do not need cutting edge specs just respectable #'s, max gaming is skyrim, no heavy lifting s/w uses. All my other comp uses are basic. Suggestions? Advice for a possible cheaper solution for now to save for better upgrade later.
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  1. what is your budget
    what parts are you trying to re-use
  2. Just what IS your total budget? BTW, good luck upgrading the MB and CPU to something completely different from what you currently might have with your Win 7 if it's an OEM.
  3. Like I stated before $115 for a MB. I do not require any other components the ones I have will work w/ Z68., I can afford the previously mentioned cpu. If it matters I have 2 hds and 2 dvds (sata) and 4 USB devices max.
  4. gigabyte z68 ap-d3 is a great budget board, or asus z68 v-lx
  5. ali2837 said:
    gigabyte z68 ap-d3 is a great budget board, or asus z68 v-lx

    What is the diff between those and ASRock or Biostar at the price pt. I stated earlier?
  6. do you want to
    do overclocking,
    use raid,
    use more than 16gb ram,
    use intel smart response (ssd will be needed),

    If no then z68 is not the right choice for you, h61 will do and starts at 50$.
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