Windows 7 won't recognise my 3TB

I have done as previous stated, change ide back to achi via registry editor. I can only see my vertex ssd 120gb and not my 3TB hdd.

I can't see it in device manager or disk manager and it doesn't show up in the BIOS either although it did show up when I had to choose which partion I wanted to install Windows 7 on.

Also I have another question which has nothing to do with this:

Do I leave External sata 6gb/s controller mode disabled or enabled with achi?

Thanks in advance. ;)
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  1. Bios needs to be a ufei recognize drives 2tb and up if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Won't that mess up my ssd? I'm still new to the BIOS world so excuse my noob level. And I don't think I have ufei in my bios.
  3. Sorry its uefi, not ufei. It is kinda late where I am located. Uefi is a different kind of boot interface. Different layout than a traditional bios, and you can use your mouse in it.
  4. Okay thanks, I'll try to set it to Uefi.
  5. I only have edi, achi and raid.
  6. bump, I still haven't figured out my issue. Need help.
  7. Check the driver/free stuff cd that came with your motherboard as far as i know alot of modern motherboards have programs and drivers that allow you to have a 3tb+ HDD
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