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hey guys i moved my system from a atx case to a itx case. i have a silverstone SG05bb-450 (450 watt psu) and i was wondering if the 450 watt psu would power the gtx 295. full specs i7 2600k 8gb ddr3 1333 64GB ssd boot drive 500GB seagate momentus xt blu-ray drive and gtx295 and mobo is zotac z68 itx. and a corsair nautilus 500 yes you read that right, i got a new one and having used one in the past i know it cools good.. getting back to the point with the psu power everthing????im willing to use a external octical drive to save some energy
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    It looks like the GTX 295 draws a lot of power. (See the link.) The Silverstone 450 is not enough according to the review/test at the link below. You'll need 50 amps. on the 12v rail or around 700W depending on the PSU.
  2. well that sucks, i really like my 295 and my itx case, i would hate to buy another video card. i've been looking at some psu calculators and it looks like i would draw 458 watts total based on whats going in the pc. i figured that 8 watts is not much to worry about do to the psu is a 80 plus certified. i read the link you gave me and it also state under load with a i7 960 which uses alot more power than my 2600k it was using a total of 416 watts. any other thoughts?
  3. It's not 8W that is the issue. It's how many amps are available on the 12v rail(s).

    According to Nvidia the card draws 289W or ~24 amps. You'll need at least 15 amps for the rest of the PC. So at the very least you should have 45 amps. on the 12v rail as that leaves you only a 13% safety factor for heat build-up and drop in efficiency. What is the 12v rail in amps. on your PSU ?
  4. its 36A on the 12v rail
  5. it wouldn't help at all like beenthere said, you need at least a 700W for your system, a 750W recommended as well
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