Cannot log on after sanitizing hard drive

Pardon me for asking again, but it seems my last question with replies was deleted.
I have a hp 620 that initially had a problem with a virus on it. I looked for a way to either restore to a previous day or to set it back to factory specs.
One of the things I did was to sanitize the hard drive.

From then on it was all down hill. I am now not able to boot up I get a non system disk or disk error
replace and stirke any key when ready.

Now I had some people nice enough to comment and if I could get some explanations on their suggestions I could be back in business.

One suggestion was my reboot was in disrepair and he suggested to fix it.
If I could get a discription of how to do that it would be helpful.

If I could also get some help on how I could do a full system restore without a disk.

If I have to I will order one from HP. But would like to find out if there are other ways to purchase one without going through HP.

Thanks again for your help
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  1. You can buy a (legal) Windows 7 System Recovery Disk on for about $6, just search that name there. This is only a recovery disk and not a full system, but you need to get 32 or 64 bit version depending on your OS.
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