Possible to turn off power to a USB device?

I use a webcam occasionally and its a real resource hog. Plus you never know if a hacker has somehow controlled it, even briefly. There are other devices I'd like to be able to switch in and out without plugging in/out. I'd like to be able to cut the USB power to these specific devices somehow. Anybody know if this is possible? Can you turn off a USB port, even through the bios upon restarting? Presently using an Asus P5Q but that will be gone soon.
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    Go to device manager and disable the webcam. It is under the universal serial bus controller section(last).

    Right click my computer > properties > device manager(left side) > universal serial bus controllers > webcam name
    Right click on it and select disable.

    When you want to reuse the webcam, use the same procedure and right click and select enable.
  2. Thank you. I should have remembered that. Could it be possible to do with the command prompt or just the right command in Run?
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