PCIe 2.0 vs PCIe 1.0

In Gaming, is there a dramatic differance between PCIe 2.0 vs PCIe 1.0 when running 2 GTX 590 video cards in SLI mode?
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  1. no
  2. Thanks
  3. I should add that if you have a mb so old that it only has pci-e 1.0 x16 slots its going to be running a processor that is going to be way underpowered to get the best from two top end graphics cards
  4. I'm running Socket 775 EVGA motherboard, Am I going to be underpowered?
  5. With 2 GTX 590s and a 775 socket CPU you'll bottle neck on that CPU. It'd be worth upgrading to a Z68 chipset with an i5-2500K.
  6. Cool, Thanks for you help
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