Building a new system - but is it worth it?

I have seen such great sales of late, trying to get our hard earned dollars before we spend them on Black Friday:
Here is what I am thinking about getting:





Still looking for a decent GPU.

Now I already have a MOBO Asus M4A785-M, CPU AMD X4 620, 4 gigs of RAM running XP. The last piece of the puzzle would be a nice SSD but haven't seen them on sale yet.

Can someone let me know if this looks like a good system for the money? Which CPU is going to give me the best bang for the buck? Thanks
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  1. You don't really need 16 gb of RAM unless you will be doing video editing or photoshop. It is hard to say what GPU is best because you have not specified a budget or purpose for this computer. Post that and help will come.
  2. Yep,
    I do mostly editing, 3D animation and photoshop. It would be nice to know if this is a step up from my old system as well. I don't really have a budget, just wanted to get something while prices are hot.
  3. If you want an nvidia card, the gtx 560 ti is perfect if it is not too expensive for you. Otherwise you could go with a cheaper radeon.
  4. I would also look into getting the 960T which is $110 on newegg today, and it has a 50/50 chance of unlocking to a 6core which would be better for editing. And even if it doesnt, it will give you the same performance of the 955 but at a lower price... its really a win win
  5. i7-2600K & z68 would be sweet for your applications.
    p.s. You have to give us a budget - no way to give proper recommendations.
  6. Yeah, I would have to say $350 looking for things on sale.
  7. You cannot buy the parts you listed for $350. You are looking at an extremely budget computer that may not be able to handle editing and definitely not photoshop. Spend a few months saving money because it would be pointless to buy a cheap useless computer now. Save money and buy a nicer one in a few months.
  8. Ok wait a minute :
    100 MOBO
    129 CPU (newegg)
    59 for RAM
    69 fpr Cooler

    That is $330. How is that not under $350? The only thing missing is the GPU and I can do without the cooler.
    I already have the hard drive, the DVD player etc.
  9. You still need a case, GPU, an optical drive, and hard drive. You can't get all that for $50.
  10. Got them all on my other system, which I am thinking of upgrading from, just need the CPU, mobo, RAM and GPU!
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