Tips on my first non cannibalized build(Canada)[$1500~ budget]

Up until now all of my computers have been either hand me down laptops, or amalgamations of friends and families extra computers with whatever cheap parts I could find on craigslist, somehow I've found myself without a computer in about a month, and so I've finally decided to put some money into the computer I've always wanted.

My budget is..ABOUT $1500 preferably, I have the funding to go as high as $2500 if I absolutely need to, but I'd really rather keep it low, the issue being I need peripherals as well, monitor, keyboard, what have you.
I've ironed out a build in the past week, but I'm trying to fine tune it to get the most bang for my buck and reducing cost while keeping the power that I need, I'd really appreciate any input whatsoever, from comments on the flaws of any of the parts that I have to "That sucks, do this instead" as I'm..More or less clueless.

The primary focus of the CPU is schoolwork, gaming (I intend to play anything this year on max if possible, I don't care about AA. Nor about future proofing, I'll just play on lowest, so long as this can actually PLAY them) and very basic video/photo editing, not enough to merit 16 gb right off the bat.

Note: All links if possible will be from newegg, due to ease of reading and access, I will not be buying most of these parts from newegg, as they're sold from local stores for cheaper.

Processor: i5 2500k - This isn't something I really want to budge on. I've never liked or had good experiences with AMD processors, and this just seems like a decent investment for the price:power.

MOBO: MSI P67A-G43 - Cheapest thing I could find that (Allegedly?) can handle SLI for the future, and has all the features I need, I had my eyes on a different board, but this was $70 cheaper, and that helps.

PSU: Seasonic S12II 620W - Seems to be a great PSU for this pricerange, though I've heard it'll be really pushing it to SLI if I end up doing that, but that's a bridge I can cross later.

GPU: GTX 560 TI, or if the prices drop by the time I get it, GTX 570 - This is the part I'm having the most trouble with. I was originally going for the 570, but it's just..Not worth the $130 more for the comparitively minor increase over the 560 TI, which I apparently can match with overclocking if need be. I've looked into AMD cards, but again, meaningless dislike for AMD, however I know they have better price:power than nVidia in general and I don't really need cuda cores. This is the part I need the most help on, as even if I get a 560 TI, I don't know what one to get, mostly looking at 2 fans for reasons previously mentioned
(Linked to nvidia site because I can't decide on a model.)

Case Coolermaster 690 ii - I was originally looking at a Fractal design define r3 because it was sexy as hell, but I heard the case gets really hot, and this one was cheaper. I don't particularly care about the case, so long as it doesn't have a glowy faceplate and looks like a 15 year old's wet dream. I'm not into excessive LED.

RAM 2x4gb Mushkin DDR3 silverline - It's cheap and I like the company name, I'm honestly not dedicated to this at all, RAM is RAM in my mind, so long as it's a decently reliable brand, but I've heard there's better for cheaper out there. Also willing to upgrade to 16gb, but I don't think I need it right now, the board supports it if neccisary.

HDD Seagate barracuda 7200.11 1tb - I got blasted last time I mentioned this to someone, but I'm honestly just looking for the cheapest thing I can find, no SSD until later, and I'm entirely willing to drop to 500 gb.

I believe that's it, may have forgotten something, as for peripherals..

Monitor ASUS ML239H - Cheapest thing I could find with an IPS panel, which doesn't mean much to me, but I'll spend the extra $30 for it. If anyone has other suggestions I'd be happy to hear.

Microphones, webcams, headphones, keyboards and mice are all in the air right now, but I think that'd be mostly a preference thing, so I won't ask, but if you have opinions feel free.

Edit: I remember one thing I forgot.
I need a DVD read/write drive and I was slapping myself for forgetting earlier, but I seriously don't think that's going to be hard to find.

I really appreciate any input, I'm having a hell of a time finding parts for decent prices in Canada, not sure if that's a common thing.
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  1. ..Wow, I didn't even read the posting guide. I apologize if that makes me look bad.

    Approximate Purchase Date: Within a month, most likely around christmas, I'm considering waiting for boxing day for sales.

    Budget Range: preferably $1000-$1500, but can go over if needed.

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, video editing, general usage (Surfing, etc) Focus will be on the video card, as everything else I do won't be taxing, and games seem streamlined to video cards now.
    Parts Not Required: Mouse, that's it.
    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Local, so, but will be using newegg if needed.

    Country: Canada

    Parts Preferences: Intel and nVidia preferable, willing to budge if I have to.

    Overclocking: In the future, yes.

    SLI or Crossfire: In the future, yes.

    Monitor Resolution: >800x600. I'm not picky.

    Additional Comments: QuietISH(I don't mind if I can hear it, so long as it doesn't roar) and preferably cool, I'll buy more fans if I need to, but I'm sensitive to heat and WILL pass out if the room gets too hot due to this thing. I'll just have a window constantly open.

    I'll be editing the first post with links to all the parts, and once again, I apologize.
  2. Oh, and anything as far as cooling goes would be nice, I'm aware overclocking on the CPU/GPU and/or SLI would heat this thing up

  3. Get your stuff from <<---- FREE SHIPPING.
  4. Not sure if that was advertisement :P But the site looks good, actually. May order stuff from there.
  5. Best answer
  6. Mushykins said:
    Not sure if that was advertisement :P But the site looks good, actually. May order stuff from there.

    I'm not even from Canada LOL. I just linked that because shipping fees are crazy in Canada. Everything seems to have a $10 shipping fee.

    Don't get a mushkin. From benchmarks, it is one of the weakest rams in terms of performance.
  7. cutebeans said:

    That's a ton of help, thanks. It'll save me money too.

    If you do drop back, I have a couple questions on what makes the board better than the board I have now, since it's a tad more expensive, just curiosity.

    Also on the 560 ti vs 6950, it seems like they bench pretty similarly, with the 6950 coming out ahead on some, and the 560 ti coming out ahead on some, but the 560 ti has the support of nvidia drivers/developer preference as well as being cheaper, anything I'm missing that you could point out to me?
  8. If you want 560ti then go for it! it's pretty good. The 6950 is only better by a bit.

    Get this. Don't get the p67 motherboard. Get z68 (newer tech, more features.) Just add to the original u linked. $5
  9. Oh yeah. I'd get this

    Corsair TX750 modular. It's better. I didn't notice that they droped the price of the TX750. $105
  10. cutebeans said:
    Oh yeah. I'd get this

    Corsair TX750 modular. It's better. I didn't notice that they droped the price of the TX750. $105

    Honestly I just wanted to know what was good about that particular mobo, I already threw it all together and it came out to $1333 after taxes, I have no problem with that price.

    More just wanted to know what makes everyone suggest it, since I've seen it a lot.

    And I know Z68 has a lot more features, but after looking at the difference between P67 and Z68, it just seems like I won't be using any of them.
  11. Actually, you might.

    If ever your GPU dies. With a z68 board, you will be able to use onboard graphics.

    If you have a p67 board. You have to replace & wait for a replacement GPU.
  12. +1 to the Z68
  13. Best answer selected by Mushykins.
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