Changing My Asus Graphics Card

I recently bought a nice ~$800 dollar Asus A53SV-XE1. It was packed with the Intel i7 Core, 6 gigs of RAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M.

The thing that bothers me is the latter, the 540M. It is a great card, and works wonders for most games I've played (Total War on Highest, Half Life 2 on Highest). However I tried to demo for Homefront, and as I pumped up the graphics settings it gave me a sincere message saying the settings I chose were not the recommended ones... I was peeved.

I still went on the try to demo on the highest, and the frame-rate was about 50-60. It wasn't that noticeable, but I didn't get that feeling of awe from running a good game perfectly on the grandest of graphics.

Would you recommend getting a better graphics card, or sticking with what I got (for compatibility reasons). Also what graphics would you recommend upgrading to if you think I should.

It would seem like I didn't give enough reason, but what I'm really worried about is how well I'll be able to run the newest games such as Battlefield 3. Any help is appreciated.

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    You won't be able to upgrade your video card. The GT 540M is soldered into your laptop's motherboard. Laptops are not like desktops, you cannot simply replace all the components that you wish.

    There are a few dedicated gaming laptops that do allow you to replace the video card, but those laptops are generally expensive (at least $1,500 minimum), and looking for a replace laptop video card can be difficult and expensive.
  2. Exactly what I wasn't hoping for. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Also do you think the money was well spent on this build? I would at least like to think I bought the right laptop.
  3. If it gives you 50-60fps, then it's perfect. Provided you don't mind gaming on a 15.6" low res screen. If you do, then you'll need a desktop.
  4. the 540m, while a decent card, definitely isnt the best. It is mid ranged at best. You are getting the type of performance you should expect out of it.
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