i7 2600k....turn my computer on, everything is butter smooth. if i put my computer to sleep, and wake it back up. one of my cores gets stuck at a constant 50% load and my computer runs like complete ***. all my whole system lags. Whats going on!!??
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  1. check your power saving settings
  2. Get all updates, and also there are power settings you can change so that it doesnt go to sleep, sleep mode has always been buggy as ***.
  3. im up to date, checked my cpu power settings. everything is normal...this just started happening out of the blue and i have to do a restart to fix it everytime. i want to put my computer to sleep sometimes theres no point in having it run 24/7.......
  4. Not very difficult to turn it off tho. Im my experience, cant speak for anyone else, ive had nothing but problems with sleep mode.
  5. Same here. For whatever reason I've had it work perfectly on 3 laptops now. But I've never had it work right on desktops. I always just leave speedstep/coolnquiet enabled and call it good enough.
  6. +1 turn off sleep / hibernation : always give you problem for a few $ a year.
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