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i was looking around amd processor builds to suit my gaming and working needs.
and i came across this post on my local craigslist about a custom computers.

to summarize the ad, it includes

-AMD FX-8120 (World's first 8 Core CPU) - Enjoy multi-tasking at amazing speeds of the new AMD processor.
-ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3+ Motherboard with SATA3 6gb/s
-OCZ 700W PSU (80 plus certifeid) - Modular PSU
-8 gb of DDR3 1333Mhz Memory (4x2gb)
-Radeon HD 6850 Video Card (Enjoy 1080p with HDMI output display)
-500 gb Hard Drive 7200 RPM
-CD/DVD multi combo burner Drive
-Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

for $750.

i tried to put together a shopping cart in and closest i came to was nearly a $1k.
it sounds too good to be true, so i called and asked couple of things.

his response to the pricing was that he buys parts in "bulk" therefore its cheaper.
and i asked if he was alright to put the system together in front of me in my place, which he agreed to.
so do you guys think this is legit? or just another scammer on CL?
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  1. theres always the possibility of getting stabbed but.. yea
  2. It's a little creepy/dangerous to ask some guy from craigslist to come to your house to build this. Pick a public place if possible or at least have some friends over.
  3. I sell stuff on CL all the time, not all of the people who sell stuff on CL are crazy psycho scammers... I am never happy with a system so I will spend 1000 on a system use it for a bit, then get tired of it and sell it for about what I bought it for, maybe even a little less. Just be careful, and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. But that build seems doable. It was only recently that HDD prices skyrocketed, so I bet when the 8120 first came out you could make a build for that much. And just make sure all the components are in great shape!
  4. And wear some chainmail just in case...
  5. LOL chainmail.......... so you guys think $750 is a doable price for that system? since this guy has to make a profit, im guessing parts should cost less than 750 at least. i mean if i was making money thru building comps, i would want to profit 50~100 at least per system.
  6. True, but I mean maybe he got some mail in rebates on the parts, so it could have cost him 750 to make, but if he got 50-100 back in rebates(hard to imagine) then he would technically be making money... Caution is always good, but if shows you all the parts, and you do tests to make sure they work well, then you just got a good deal! It can happen...
  7. I would be skeptical, particularly for new parts. They could be stolen.

    Buying in buld is bull**** Newegg buys in bulk.

    This does not pass the smell test.

    Also, the 8 core bulldozer cpu's are a poor choice for gamers, regardless of the price.
  8. yup save you money, build it ur self

    using a 2500k and a 6950 instead.

    also you dont need Windows 7 Pro, home premimum is perfect.
  9. yeah. it was too good to be true. thanks everyone :) and @redsunrises i loved the chainmail idea :)
  10. Well get chainmail anyway :)
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