Does radeon HD 6870 is working well if together with i5 2500k?

my friend said that ATI graphic card is no too suitable for gaming if together with intel processor..
he said ATI better with AMD while nVIDIA is better with intel.. but i'm not sure.. i'm confuse too.. some one help me!

this is my planing specs:

processor i5 2500k
HD6870 gigabyte graphic card

or i need to replace HD6870 with nvidia GTX 560 Ti? but it is more than my budget..
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  1. I have Sapphire HD6870and intel i5 2500k and i have no problems at all, in fact I am very pleased with my GPU, i don't have overclocked the CPU nor the GPU and i play Crysis 2 on max quality on 1920x1080 resolution, Assassin's creed:Revelation same settings. Highest temperature after hours of playing 70 C with a stock GPU, CPU, and HAF912 cooling.
  2. Yes contrary to popular myth there are no problems with Intel® processors and AMD/ATI video cards. So go with whatever video card you would like to use.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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