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I have a new Samsung R519 laptop with Windows 7 home preinstalled. I want to install Office 2003 Pro but the disk is not being read, it just whires and clicks. Checking in explorer it says file type CDFS. When I look in system information/system drivers it is Started= NO, StartMode= DISABLED, Status= STOPPED.

I am running in Admin account mode

When I put the disk in a XP machine it is read with no problems, any help most appreciated.

Thanks solti
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  1. CDFS stands for 'Compact Disc File System' and is the file system of nearly all read only CDs.
    do other disks work in your PC?
    try updating the cd drives firmware from the manufactures website
  2. Yes other CD's work and DVD's work.

    No other software installed the system is a bare Windows 7 install. For some reason the Office 2003 Pro cd is not being recognised.

  3. Silly question, but have you had a look at the disk to see if it's dirty (fingerprints, smudges, etc. - in which case clean it) or damaged in any obvious way.
  4. Yes, checked for fingerprints, smudges etc all OK. Disc will run on an XP system so I am thinking it more to do with Windows 7 than the disc.

  5. TBH I would still think it's something to do with the disk/drive combination rather than the OS. Not all drives are equal and a disk which is fine in one might not work in another (this is particularly evident with audio CD players).

    What about if you "explore" the disk rather than trying to autorun it? You should be able to do that as you've ascertained that other CDs work in the drive.

    You could always try making a copy of the disk to see if that works (I don't think Office install disks are copy protected). Or even try sharing the CD drive from your other computer, connect to it via the network, and install from the share.
  6. I can explore the disc in my XP machine but cannot even load the disc in the samsung laptop. Will see if a copy will work.

  7. once again, i'd try updating the firmware for the optical drive
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