Mobo with audio panel that dosent work????

hi evryone
i just bought my new mobo asrock g41m-s3 it worked perfectly until i discovered that it dosent have a in build sound card (i meen the systeme dosnt detects it) but it has audio panel . wtf im lost , i ve tryed evry thing instaling driver from the mobo site....
my other specs 4g ddr 3 1333 pc3-10700, core 2 duo e7400 @ 2.8ghz (stock speed), some kind of gheto 250w psu
plz help me im realy lost
and sorry for my pour english
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  1. Go back into BIOS to advanced menu, chipset settings, Onboard HD audio select (auto), Front panel (auto) save and exit. Then check in device manager to see if your realtek audio is listed. And get a good quality power supply, Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, are good ones to start with, 400 watt should be plenty for your system
  2. it was all ready on auto i changed it to enable nothing hapened got it back to auto nothing hapened
  3. Is it listed in device manager?
  4. no
  5. need some help here plz!!
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    Time to purchase a new sound card, one from asus would do the job.
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