Short atx 12v cable,guys pls help me ???

I have thermaltake v3 case,so the PSU is located in the bottom,and the atx 12v cpu cable barely reaches the plug at the top.Now im looking to buy a new PSU but cables on the ones im considering seem to be the same that i have now.The PSU-s im considering are :

Fortron hexa 400w cable lenght 30 cm

Gigabyte superb 460w cable lenght 36cm

Chieftec iarena 500w cable lenght 35 cm

So how the heck are these so short,they are brand name psu-s,my cable is 35(longer than fortron hexa)and my psu is crapy chinese one.
Does anyone have any of these PSU-s mentioned and are they're atx 12v cables this long ???
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  1. Thanks for reply,but where i live it's impossible to find these extension cables(Bosnia).....XD
  2. get some extension cable...
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