Intergrated hdmi and i5 2550k processor

Hello, i have a gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 motherboard
with a intel i5 2550k
im trying to use the intergrated hdmi port but im getting no display, is this because the intel chip does not have hd2000/3000?
on boot, no display and 1long beep followed by 2 short beeps. Indicated no graphics.

any help is much appreciated
michaeljohnadams @
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  1. the 2550k doesnt have integrated graphics
  2. but the motherboard has a HDMI port, which i presumed it meant it had onboard graphics?
    So am i right in assuming for the Onboard hdmi to work i need a cpu with intergrated graphics?

    i havent built a pc in about 6 years so im a bit behind.
  3. the 2500k would have been the one to get if you wanted integrated graphics or 2600k , 2700k

    yes you need integrated graphics on the cpu for hdmi

    or a seperate graphics card

    bit confusing that the 2550k doesnt have it
  4. 2550k has an extra 100mhz clock speed, ive just read this is because the failed qc on the igpu so they disabled it and upped the clock speed to sell em.

    not happy.

    right off to buy a graphics card.
  5. depends where you got the cpu

    some companies may let you swap it for a 2500k
  6. opened it, installed it, thermal paste on it
    doubt it.

    cheers for the replies tho.
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