EVGA GTX 570 Performance Problems

So I just received my EVGA GTX 570 in the mail today and installed it with 5 case fans and 3 of them at 2000rpms, so there isn't a heating issue.

It's supposed to have great performance reviews and is one of the best video cards on the market to date, but when I tested it on Metro 2033 and Borderlands, it doesn't run as smooth as it should and I'm worried if it's a bottle-necking problem or not. Here is my build as follows:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4 Ghz
8 GB (4x2GB) Kingston HyperBluX DDR3 1600 RAM
320 GB HD
ASUS DRW-24B3ST 24x CD/DVD Drive
770-watt Thermaltake Tough Power PSU
4x Rosewell Blue LED Fans 120mm 2000rpm
1x 1200rpm fan
EVGA GTX 570 1280MB 320-bit VGA

Am I missing something here? Some feedback would be nice.

PS: My MOBO DOES support 1600mhz RAM, it even says so in my manual.
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  1. Nevermind, I down clocked it and it works perfect.
  2. It you will have problems with DX11 games, set the Vcore to 1.013V if it is lower than 1V and adjust all clocks at gtx570 default.
  3. And... how do I do that?
  4. It won't allow me to change the voltage.
  5. Try to enable voltage control in the settings
    Settings > General > Unlock voltage Control
    You need to restart after that.
  6. I did, still won't allow me.

    Maybe I downloaded the wrong version?
  7. Are you using the latest drivers for GTX570 from Nvidia?

    Maybe there is a software tool that can be found on the CD that came with the card. On my Asus GTX570 DCII disc was Asus Smart Doctor that allows me to change the Vcore and the memory clock.
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