How to check motherboard is not working

my motherboard is not working
is power coming but no dispay
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  1. Sounds like you may need a BIOS update. But can you post your system specs please so we know what your using?
  2. how to cheqe ded
  3. Well whats your parts list, I mean telling us you have a issue without telling us your computer parts list and what the problem might be is kinda impossible for us to solve
  4. Man i will try to help you

    First, unplug everything from your system (HDD, ODD, FDD, aditional fans, lights)

    now with only the motherboard plugged, turn the system on and see what happens.
    if work then probably a PSU problem (you will need to make some more test)
    turn off and remove ram sticks, turn on again
    if the computer beeps, then probably RAM problem
    possibly CPU problem
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