Internet speed is slower than tested, help?

Hi guys,

I recently ran a couple of speed tests to see how fast my internet was, the average reading was about 1.1Mbps, yet the most I've seen
my downloads downloading at is 180Kbps. I am connected wirelessly.

Anybody have any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. helo.. i just wanna ask if im getting wat im paying for, my plan is 384 kbps and it is 888 per month. my average downspeed at speedtest is 350 kbps.and upspeed of this enough?. .any replies and comment would be a big help.tnx
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    natsirht28 please do not hijack someone thread. Martin9630, I assume you are knowledgeable not to mix up bits and bytes and you understand that 1.1Mbps is your actual download speed tested and not theoretical and you are getting 180Kbps download in real site download. If that is the case then it is probably because when you download or watch online video, you are only making one connection and the server (e.g. youtube) will auto allocate bandwidth for you so you can watch it smoothly. That means if their server is not busy, you could get faster speed until it maxout your line. If they are busy, you can only get smooth play or worse. Try using download manager, I use Free Download Manager, and download a file, let say ubuntu iso. If you use your browser to download it, it makes one connection, you will rarely get maxed speed because of the bandwidth allocation. But download manager makes several connection to the same server and downloading the file in parallel, the server upload the data to you until you max out your line.
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