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I've got several computers that I've been working on recently, but I I'll just ask about one. I have a HP m7070n that randomly restarts and while I had windows on there it would come up with some sort of memory error message. Recently it gave me a blue screen with "memory management" as the error. I have a PC-Diagnostic boot disk, I ran the tests and all passed. If I moved my 2 memory sticks around to different slots then it restarts after a couple seconds and repeats. I've ruled out the hard drive, I've tried several other ones and still have the same symptoms. Recently I went in the bios and the screen glitched out. which makes me think that possibly something is wrong with the motherboard. It could be memory though, but I'm not sure, I got some cheap memory from e-bay that worked for a couple of months but then died, which made me think the power supply was bad, but I got a tester and its ok. I know thats a lot and probably the best thing to do is replace the memory, but if it still doesn't work then is it a lost cause?
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  1. did you try the cmos reset an update all the driver .
  2. scout_03 said:
    did you try the cmos reset an update all the driver .

    While I Windows running, I downloaded all the Drivers for everything I could find, the only ones that didn't work was the sound driver, which messed up the sound because it freezed half way through the update, so I did a system restore. The other one was a intel chipset update which didn't work, I'm not sure if that had a negative effect on it. since then I've formatted the hard drive and can't get past re-installing windows without freezing, restarting, or having a memory error.
    I haven't cleared the cmos, I'm not sure how to do that, I think with the old ones I played with the dip switches.
    Another thing I just tried, I removed one memory stick and I just got a blank screen. I put it back and took the other out and it displays post, but freezes the second it gets the windows loading screen. For some weird reason it works better together. Now, for some reason it doesn't see my DVD drives anymore, could that be a bad cable? or is it the motherboard?
  3. it's could be the motherboard to make shure it is not a bad cable try another one,for the cmos shut down the power unplug the ac press start button to drain capacitor remove the board battery for a few minutes without touching both side of her replace the battery plug ac in then restart system.
  4. i will give you a link with the translator and install the plug in that will detect missing driver and tell you if they are some for win 7
  5. I reset the cmos, nothing changed. I just got new memory installed and it still won't work so I'm thinking the motherboard is toast.
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