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hey Tom's Hardware Reader

i plan on building a new system with the following rough specs so i can give my current tower to my brother

watercooling for CPU only right now
SSD 60-80gb
1TB Sata
2gb HD 6950 (maybe crossfire)
need sugguestion for a new case to replace my CM 60 II advance

so my questions are

1. will my antec 650W true power PSU be enough to run all of this
2. are newer shipment of 6950 upgrade-able via bios flash
3. whats the diff between the two mobo stated above
4. this will be my 1st time watercooling can u suggest a product for me (maybe one with a built-in pump or am i better going with a separate pump)

thanks in advance for all ur input
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    1) 650 watts is pushing it if you're going to do crossfire; and IMO really not enough if you're going to over clock said cross fire.

    But for one gpu, it should be fine

    2) depends on the manufacturer i believe. So read up before you purchase

    3) you need to go read; usually it's the built in overclocking and cooling controls and the fancy buttons on the mobo that varry if they're the same chipset.

    4)H70 works fantastic, (corsair i believe) that whole series of cooling products work really well (except the tiny H40 or what ever it is) If you want the beast they just came out with a H100 in the last few months. It's all self contained with a 24 cm radiator with two 120mm fans on it.

    It look's pretty cool. (pun intended)

    As for a case; I like the cooler master Haf 932 or the haf-x the latter being huge. Almost too big. Corsair makes some cases designed specifically for those self contained water cooling units so look at the propaganda on their site.

    IMO haf 932 is perfect for most users.
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