Rattling noise

GUysss a couple of hours ago my saphrie radeon 6870 started taling like this rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
temp is normal dan speed at 22% everything good im using it right now but but this noiseee omgg
its coming from the fan i cleaned it but still the same....
and when i touchhh itt justt a LITTLEE bit it stops for 2 3 secs ( one finger just hitting it a bit and it stops omgg
whats the problem??? can anybody tell me how to open it i check it out maybe its hitting something
its this one

i got the screws off but the cover still wont fall off xD

dont tell me to rma it or something it was a gift and im in bosnia so not possible i rather get it to a PCshop and let them try if i cant stop it.
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  1. To get the cover off after you unscrew all the screws you gotta undo all these little latches all around the cover.Their like plastic push tabs.

    Mine makes the same noise.I think it's fan wire.Once you take the cover off you'll see what I mean.Mines been doing it for months.Nothing to worry about but if you want to fix it you can get some electrical tape and tape the fan wire down.Remember while your handling the card to avoid touching the contact points.Also remember to ground yourself before handling the card to avoid ESD.
  2. ohh broo ty i will try it later andd i hope its just that!!!!
    and i tryed to press that plastic things a bit but i was scared it needs alot force lol
  3. Yah it feels cheap like plastic does.Don't be afraid to give a little force,I used a flat head screw driver for those.Since it's the first time their being used it will be more difficult until you wear them in.

    Also as I've said before be careful when your applying force especially with a screwdriver so you don't loose grip of it and damage the card.Also watch out for ESD.Saftey first,lol.
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