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Hello, I'm building my new computer today and the case I bought comes with a blue LED fan. The fan has two black wires coming from it, one being a 4 pin molex and another being a 3 pin (which I have no idea what it is). I really had no idea, I tried searching around but i'm clueless. I tried plugging the molex into the power supply and the 3 pin into the PLED slot but still doesn't light up. Please help me!
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  1. Hi, You can either connect the molex to the PSU and the fan will always spin at full speed or use the 3-pin connector and plug it in one of the CHA_FAN connectors of the board. In this case the fan will be controlled by the board
  2. Thank you, but the LED still isn't lighting up.
  3. Then it's a dead LED. Probably just has a wire disconnected somewhere, but... As long as the fan itself is working, I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. What motherboard do you have?
  5. Is there a switch or button on it or on the case? Also what's ur case?
  6. No switch or button; It's a cheap RAIDMAX case with a 500w PSU, had to fit my budget so your probably right, i'll check to see when I build the other PC. Thanks for your help. The MB is an AsRock FM2A75 Pro4.
  7. So if you connect only the molex, when starting the board the fan does not spin and the led is not lit?
  8. I have tried all combination, the fan always spins, but the LED never lights.
  9. i would just scrap the fan and get a new one, led fans are dirt cheap and any one u can buy will most likely be better than the ones that come with cases
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