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Should i buy ati 5870 and 600w psu

last time i ask about the ati 5670 and 6670
after some market research locally
i found ati 5870 at RS 6000(Indian rupees )
would a 600 Watts Iball Sprinter PSU sufficient for this card
the shopkeeper is selling me graphic card and the psu for RS 8200(Indian rupees)
should i buy this card n psu which is fitting in my budget of RS 7500 to 8000 INR
the only concern is PSU from iball
or should i settle for ati 6670 and a trusted CORSAIR 450 w PSU
which goes for 7500 INR

my system for calculation of power consumption
intel i3 540
intel h55tc
4 GB DRR3 1333mhz
1xdvd rw drive
1x1TB hdd
1x500GB hdd
2x80mm fan front and rear
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  1. hmmm! ati 5870 and 600w would be best choice for your specs go for it
  2. For 6000RS or $130 US is a really good deal for a 5870.The PSU is questionable though.
    Do you know how many amps are on the +12/v rail(s) of that PSU?
  3. for +12/v rail i did not get any info about it may be this link would help

    i have a old CRT monitor so i am going to play games at 1152x864 resolution till i upgrade my monitor and i am not going to do the overclocking stuff
    so will that apply less load to the psu
  4. PSU is generic unfortunatelly, and that means its prone to failure.
  5. That link doesn't help much.Nice try though.
    I realize that where your from that you don't really have access to any name brands but try looking for a Corsair,Antec,Seasonic or Cooler Master PSU's.Those are brands you can trust.
  6. i did ask about corsair and cooler master but 600w psu from these companies is costing me like 4000RS which is 70% the cost compared to graphics card
    there are other local brands of psu (VIP ,power-safe) but they have only one 6pin pcie connectors
  7. Yah that's a tough break.
    That 5870 is such a great deal it's really hard to pass up.Ask the shopkeeper if they really think it will power the 5870 and your system.Ask them if you can get some kind of Warranty.
  8. iball 600w comes with 3yrs warranty
    i did ask him about safety of my PC component he say yes its trust worthy (may be for marketing )
    and also it comes with two 6pin pcie power connectors
    i really want the ati 5870 at this deal
    for ati 6670 concern it will be like settling for any singer's concert over Elvis Presley
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    Lol.I know what you mean.The 5870 is roughly 4 times as powerful as the 6670 and at that price the 5870 is a steal.But who says good things come free?Always a risk involved.
    The problem with this is that although the PSU has a 3yr Warranty that doesn't protect the rest of the PC.Sometimes when PSU's blow up or die they can damage other system componets.But if just the PSU dies and your lucky enough that it doesn't take anything else with it then you have the Warranty and everything is good.

    The choice is yours but to me a 5870 at that price is just to hard to pass up.Even if the 600watt PSU is only capable of delivering 350watts that is still enough to power your PC.
  10. i think i'll go with the 5870
    if everything goes bad at least it will going to give me hardcore gaming experience(from my point of view) for some time
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  12. I think that's a good choice.

    Just a heads up,if that PSU turns out to be really bad and can't power the 5870 properly what will happen is the 5870 will start to downclock itself so that it doesn't consume as much power.When that happens your likely to see lots of stuttering and just bad gaming performance.

    IF that happens i'm just letting you know what it is.

    Happy Gaming!!!
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