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Hi looking for a cheap motherboard that has the socket for an i5 2500k. I would like it to support upto 32gb at 1866 however I would be willing to compromise and go down to 16 if the price was right. Im not concerned with features assuming that it has the barebones, but I dont want something that will hurt my performance. I will be overclocking and will have a graphics card, but not much else in features except for the basics. What is the cheapest reasonable motherboard that I can get? -Thanks and let me know if there is any other info you need seeing as I'm providing very little.
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  1. It's not the cheapest, but if you are going to overclock you don't want a super-cheap board (this will also support multiple graphics cards for SLI/XFire):

    ASRock Z77 Extreme4:
  2. Yah I was looking at that, its a great price for that type of motherboard and I love ASrock, but is there anything that has the same performance but with less features? I'm terrible with motherboards so this may a dumb thread anyway. I should also mention that my graphics card is a Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 at this point in time, but this is may change.
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    The ASRock Z77 Extreme3:

    $10 cheaper but only 2 SATA 6.0gb/s ports instead of 4 on the extreme4. Also less USB 3.0 ports and a few other things. Others may recommend you something less expensive but I don't recommend anything less than the Extreme3 for overclocking (but I also think the Extreme4 is worth the extra $10). Both those boards have 8 phase VRM vs. the standard 4 phase VRM found on cheaper boards. Phases aren't everything but its a rough estimate of how well the board is designed for stable overclocks. I've seen too many people with problems with overclocks on cheap boards to recommend anything less for overclocking.
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