Where To Put Wifi Card?

I got a Wifi card for my new build and there are a few different places i could put it on my motherboard. I'm wondering if like pci express slots, it matters where I put the Wifi card. If I put the card into the pci 1x on the bottom of the board, will it make a difference if i put it on the highest up pci x1 slot?
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  1. It does not really matter where you put it, all you have to make sure is that the card is perfectly fitting in the PCI slot. Also, are you sure you want a WIFI card? I had one before, but I had to return it due to incompatibility issues. When I went to the store, one of the employees said that a USB WIFI adapter is much better because you can insert it into any USB slot on your computer to get better Internet connections. Where as in the card, it only stays in one place of the computer and is not necessarily the best place.
  2. I forgot to mention this, but I eventually ended up buying a USB wifi adapter and it is working perfectly.
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    You can put the wifi card in whatever slot you want and it is recommended to be out of the way of your graphics card i.e. farthest if possible but it does not really matter.
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