Unable to get CrossfireX to work on a new computer

Hello out there - thought I might ask in here to get some answers after spending two days trying to figure this out myself.

I've just bought a new computer
- ASRock z68 Extreme4
- 2 x Sapphire Raddeon HD 6950
- i7 Core Sandy Bridge 2600K
- 8GB Corsair RAM 2000MHz
- SilverStone 1000W
- OCZ Vertex 2 Series 240GB SSD

and installed Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.

Everything seems to be working fine except I can't get the Device Manager to detect the second Sapphire-card or CCC to enable (can't even see the options) CrossfireX.
This is my first time setting CFX (CrossfireX) up, but I've followed the MOBO Z68 manual, few steps and connected the two cards with a CFX bridge.. But still no luck.

I've tested each card separately in the first pci-e slot and they are both working fine. But when in the second pci-e slot it won't register.

In BIOS the primary graphics adapter is set to PCI Express and IGD Multi-Monitor is disabled.

I'd really appreciate some kind of advice..

Best regards
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  1. Anyone with similar experience ?
  2. I know this is obvious - but make sure you're getting sufficient power to both cards.

    Show us a picture of the inside of your case. Make sure BOTH crossfire bridges are connected. Not just one - limits bandwidth and may cause issues. I've run many crossfire setups.
  3. Thanks for responding!

    There is only ONE bridge one each card, so can't use two bridges..
    I've taken 2 pictures of my graphic card setup; 1 without bridge (http://bit.ly/oHwPLH) - 1 with (http://bit.ly/rbAwgR). Also taken a picture of the whole case (http://bit.ly/nk8aOt) - but it's difficult to get a good look..
    (Sorry for the bad quality)

    I should have plenty of power to give for the cards..
    Could it be some options in my BIOS?

  4. Anyone who experienced anything similar or has a solution to my problem?
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