Newb system-builder fail - All was A-ok, then no video signal

Biostar A780L3L
Athalon Quad 3.0
SSD boot drive 64gb
Seagate secondary drive 1tb
CD/dvd drive
Windows 7 pro
Dual monitors (problem also occurs with single monitor)

I assembled the components and everything worked perfectly for about a day. Then suddenly I have no video signal and the computer is frozen, but everything inside the case continues to run (fans, drives, cpu fan) - reset and power buttons don't work. Only way to shut down is the power switch on back of power supply. When I try to reboot, everything spins up inside the case, but I get no beep and no video signal.

I figured the mb was bad so I got a replacement, but the same problem still occurs. I even returned the mb to biostar, and they said it works fine...

When I disconnected and reconnected components one by one in an attempt to isolate trouble area, I could not get the system to boot, not even with just mb and CPU. But after some time passes and I continue to try configurations for a second and third time, it eventually boots again. It works for a while, but then quits, and so goes the cycle. I cannot isolate any steps that will consistently get the system back up after it fails.

On one occasion, when it finally booted after a lot of fiddling with components, I got the "BOOTMGR is missing error." On the next boot the was no error message.

My attempts to fix include:
Update bios (Biostar did as well when they checked mobo)
Update video drivers
Update windows
Use new ide cables
Checkdisk for errors - none
Windows repair (boot from cd)
Clear cmos
Check cpu for bent pins -none

Any ideas on figuring this out would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. You didn't mention anything about ram. I would start there.
    Also, with the boot error have you been using the latest firmware for your SSD?
  2. I'll check the ssd firmware, but after crashing I disconnect the ssd and everything else except the cpu, and the system won't POST
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