Help with a $700-$1200

Approximate Purchase Date: ***February

Budget Range: ***$700-$1200

System Usage from Most to Least Important: ***Gaming, Netflix

Parts Not Required: ***keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: ***newegg, tigerdirect, amazon* what ever is doing it cheaper.

Country: ***USA

Parts Preferences: Whatever works well. Prefer to stick with same brands ie intel everything or amd everything.

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes in the future

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200

Additional Comments: No real preference as long as its all working. This is what i was thinking. Let me know if i need to change some stuff up. I would also like to keep the noise down. Have a young one that wakes up easy.

CASE: Antec 900 - $99.99

PSU: Corsair GS800 - $129.99

VIDEO CARD: Gigabyte Radeon HD 6950 - $249.99

OPTICAL: ASUS - $20.99

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB 4x4GB - $89.99

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 - $169.99

CPU: i5-2500k - $214.99

CPU Fan/Heatsink: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus - $25.99

TOTAL: $1001.92
without shipping. and any discounts.
I am open to critiques these items are not set in stone if something cheaper is better please let me know.

I do mainly game. Currently only play Global Agenda and WoW. Which arent too graphic hungry. But im sure id play much better games if my pc were to standards.

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    16 gigs of ram is really unnecessary if all you're really going to be doing is gaming. 8 is PLENTY, and will cost you half as much. Think about this mobo as well. It has everything you need, is very, very solid, and costs 45 dollars less.

    With the money you saved there you can get yourself a hard drive, which I notice you've neglected to include. (Do you currently have one? Or was this just an oversight?) The Samsung Spinpoint F3 is a solid choice, and by the time you purchase hard drive prices should have gone down considerably.

    All of this being said, if you don't plan to purchase until February the prices on a lot of these items will probably decrease, allowing you to get the same system for quite a bit cheaper, or, if you're still willing to pay the same amount, allowing you to upgrade considerably. (For example, Nvidia will most likely be releasing their 600 series very early in 2012, considerably lowering the prices on their 500 series).

    All in all though the build looks solid.
  2. Get this Antec TX750w. An 800w is not needed for SLI 6950.

    +1 on ram.
  3. p_lock82 said:
    It has everything you need, is very, very solid, and costs 45 dollars less.

    this board is really good, save the money and buy a stronger gpu/psu so that you dont have to buy another psu in the future.
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot about the i5-2500k combo

    i5-2500k + z68 motherboard (crossfire able) + Antec 750w PSU + HDD + Case. $633

    ATI 6950 $250

    Dvd drive $20

    $903 omg. So cheap and same quality.
  5. ^+1
    Amazing deal on the combo and all solid parts
  6. Yeah thats a good deal
  7. Yeah, It's really good. I'd buy it if I were in the states.

    When HDD were cheaper. That combo was $100 cheaper.
  8. If you are buying in February, you better decide in February. Making up your mind now makes absolutely no sense.
  9. Well im looking to have it completed by February i figured i would start looking around now and make sure i know what lookin at part wise. I tried finding that same combo deal because someone else said somethign about it when i clicked there link it said the deal was no longer available. appreciate the help everyone i will most likely change out the board and i have plenty of HDD's atm.
  10. Start looking again in January. things will change until then.
  11. good stuff thank you all
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