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Hi, i'm currently having problems with with connecting to the internet - i can actually connect however when looking at the DHCP list my computer does not appear (others do), also i experience frequent DC's now.
I've tried connecting via ethernet and USB (no change) and i have no idea how to go about fixing this. The DHCP client is running.
I'm running Windows 7 and the computer is connected to one router. This router is connected to other devices, it is a BT Voyager 2091.

Thanks in advance for any help / suggestions at all.
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  1. Are you running a static IP on the machine?

    Network and Sharing Center > Adapter Settings > Right Click Local Area Connection > Properties > IP Version 4 > Properties

    Set both of these options to automatic.
  2. Hmm, that actually worked! Thing is i'm not too sure why as i've been running a static IP address before in the past and my computer has always appeared in the DHCP table?

    And thanks a lot for your super quick reply and help! Really appreciated!
  3. No problem! Glad it was something simple :)
  4. Have the same issue DHCP
    how do you do this in XP.
  5. Psychoteddy said:
    No problem! Glad it was something simple :)

    How do you do this for XP
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