Liquid cooling my I7 2600k cpu

My hardware is as follows

~I7 2600k CPU
~Thermaltake V9 Black Edition CASE
~1Thermaltake 230mm fan
~1 Cooler Master Excalibur 120mm Case Fan
~1 Evga GTX 570 HD GPU
~Asus Sabertooth P67 Intel P67 1155 Motherboard
~ Corsair H70 Liquid Cooling kit
~ LG BluRay Disc Drive
~1TB Hitachi Hard Drive
~Corsair XMS3 DDR3 8GB RAM
~Windows 7 Professionals 64bit
~Thermaltake 750 watt powersupply

Currently my cpu is running at its base clock of 3.4 Gh and is reaching tempature of around 128 celsius or 267 fahrenheit and i am constantly having my pc freeze with no way to shut my pc down but to turn off my power supply. I was wondering if someone could supply me with a list of parts to make a high-end liquid cooling setup. I also would appreciate if you could include the brand and and website address> THX
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  1. the corsair h70 should cool that no problem

    my 2600k can do 5ghz on corsair h80

    you havent put the heatsink on correctly or have used far far too much thermal paste

    or the pump is faulty

    edit--you did put fans on the radiator didnt you?
  2. yeah just checked my bios gave me a faulty reading sorry its actually only 95 f

    THX anyways
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