USB Mouse not responding nd blue screen

I have a
MA78GPMDS2H -m/b - Gigabyte
AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor
Kingston 4GB RAM 800MHz
Nvdia 9600GT Graphics
Windows Ultimate OS
The problem is computer works gud for first few days of OS loading and then mouse(USB) stops responding. If I try to shut it down, it takes a long tym for shutdown and crashes with a blue screen. I couldnt isolate the problem. so I adopted of reloading OS every tym it happens. But this isnt a gud thing.....
Kindly help me with this.
Thank you
Kindly help me
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  1. Hello
    I think I have found out the problem, its BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER error comes while blue screen crash.
    But the problem right now is I am not able install windows also, since installation crashes midway with above mentioned error.
    Currently I dont have any OS intsalled in my HD neither I cud install in it because of that blue screen crash !!!!!!!

    Kindly tell me how to fix it?
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